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Judges Training


Thank you for offering your time and home to host a judge or judges this weekend. Both STV Bavaria and Gauverband Nordamerika are very grateful. Judges will be at Lenau park at 6pm Friday, eating dinner at 6:30pm in the main hall. It might be good to come at this time to meet your judge(s) face to face.

Here are details of your duties for the weekend:

Travel: Judges will be picked up and taken to the airport by STV Bavaria volunteers, it is NOT your job as a host to do this.

Friday evening: The judges will be in meetings until around 9:30pm, (may end a little sooner or may last a little longer). When they are finished, they will head upstairs to enjoy Maifest, however when they are ready to head home for the day you will need to be ready to take them. They are aware that we are performing that evening so any dancers who are hosting will not be able to leave until after we are done performing, which should not be much later than 9:30.

Saturday morning: Judges will need to be dropped off for breakfast that runs from 8am-8:30am. You do not need to stay, simply drop them off, unless you are volunteering in another capacity. If you are not volunteering throughout the day you are not permitted to stay. This is due to the schedule and function of the day.

Saturday evening: Please return to Lenau Park at 7:30pm. At this time judges will hopefully be finishing up their day, but please be aware that things may run longer. We are also encouraging all STV members to come at this time to socialize with our judges in the main bar. Please feel welcomed to wear personal Bavarian G’Wand (outfit). The judges will have had a long day so please check in with them every now and then and make sure they feel comfortable letting you know when they want to head home for the night.

Sunday morning: Judges will need to be dropped off for breakfast that runs from 8:30am-9am, (this is different from Saturday). After that your duties are completed! You do not need to stay and do not need to worry about getting them to the airport.

Other: It is up to you if you want to have refreshments available at your home for your judge(s) but that is not required as they will eat all meals at Lenau Park.


Thank you for volunteering your time so that we can smoothly run this event for Gauverband Nordamerika. This event is fairly low maintenance on our end as hosts, but very important and sometimes stressful for the judges on a Gauverband level. Please present the judges and dance officers with the STV Bavaria class and friendliness that we are known for, but also be respectful of the training time. You are allowed to observe training, but please refrain from comments or questions.

Attire: Be comfortable but neat and presentable. You may wear anything from jeans to your own personal Bavarian outfit.

Throughout the weekend most questions you have will need to be directed to Kenny or Marianne. I will be present but participating in and running the training.



Thank you for offering your talents to judges training. Your contributions will be used for the judges to practice on and prepare for the upcoming Gaufest. You will be provided with lunch, dinner and beverages along with the other dancers and judges. There will be a section of the main hall designated for dancers to sit and watch training. Please refrain from commenting or asking questions as the judges discuss. Bring your thick skin! After each dance the judges will comment on what they saw, do not take anything personal. This is how they learn and it is a privilege to be able to listen in, especially so close to Gaufest.  Use it as a tool moving forward.

The following people are designated to do Einzel or play and need to arrive at 9:00am on Saturday (Those who are dancing/playing and housing someone are welcome to stay for breakfast vs going home in between):

Kyle + Emily, Lukas + Brittany, Brent + Elizabeth, Erich + Barbi, Rudi and Mike B.

The following are designated to do Gruppen and need to arrive at 11:00am on Saturday:

Team Jägermeister: Kyle + Emily, Brent + Brittany, Sam + Lauren, Lukas + Kelsey.

Team Obstler: Erich + Barbi, Brent + Elizabeth, Lukas + Emily, Darwin + Brittany

What to wear:

Ladies: Festtracht –V-back blouse. Fake carnations, no ferns. No medals. It is important to dress as if you are competing, meaning your hair should be up and jewelry should be worn just as if it were Gaufest. The judges will be training on this.

Men: Festtracht – Vest with Green silk tie. No medals.

**Those who are staying to socialize when training is done, feel welcomed to change into a more comfortable Bavarian outfit.

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