Bierfest 2019
10:00 AM10:00

Bierfest 2019

  • Donauschwaben German American Cultural Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

SET UP: Set up begins at the club at 10:00am. All available members are requested to come!

SERVING: Dinner for members is served at 4:30pm in the bar, finish eating by 5:15pm, and be ready to begin serving guests in the main hall at 5:30pm. We will be serving Schnitzel, Spätzle, and Red Cabbage for dinner; Torte for dessert; and Pretzels with Swiss Cheese after the performance. 

Dancers meet in the practice room at 7:10pm.


Women: Full Festtracht is the green skirt, black hard Mieder, green floral shawl, white apron, white blouse with lace trim, chains with loops at the top of Mieder, acorn pins, hat with feather, white stockings, black dance shoes, bloomers, slip and flowers with greens, (that will be provided for you on the day of). Hair needs to be in an appropriate do so your hate fits on your head. Makeup should look natural, no bright colors, no nail polish, Trachten jewelry only. *Consider bringing an alternative apron to serve in*

Men: Full Festtracht is vest with green tie (no belt), over lederhosen, white shirt with sleeves rolled up, no buttons on the lapel; hat with feather, Loferl & socks with black dance shoes.

Junior Girls: new Jugend Festtracht, white blouse, bloomers, white stockings, black dance shoes.

Junior Boys: Vest and green tie, over Lederhosen, white shirt with sleeves rolled up, hat, Stutzen and black dance shoes.

Little Girls: Blue Dirndl, red apron, white stockings, black shoes, white blouse.

Little Boys: Lederhosen, white shirt, red tie, Stutzen, black shoes.



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German Day Cleveland
1:30 PM13:30

German Day Cleveland

TIME: Performances at 2:00PM and 4:15PM. ARRIVE BY 1:30PM


Men: Blue tie AND Vest

Women: Women Vereins dirndl with blue apron

Boys: Blue TIe

Girls: Blue dirndl with blue apron

The first set is shared with the singers. The second set it was requested we do the whips and then lead everyone there in an "auftanz". Don't worry if you don't know it, it is follow the leader, we will explain more at practice.

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Sommer Oktoberfest
5:00 PM17:00

Sommer Oktoberfest

TIME: Arrive by 5:15, we dance at 6:00, 7:30 and 9:30.

PARKING: When you pull in let them know you are an STV Bavaria performer and you will not have to pay.


Women: Sommer Dirndl

Men: Belt & Blue tie

Girls: Blue Dirndl with blue apron

Boys: blue ti

Other details:

Brent and Jenny are in charge! If you have any questions, please contact them directly at:

Brent: 440-532-0451,

Jenny: 440-387-1901,

They will also be picking up food/drink tickets for everyone to hand out.

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Club Picnic
12:00 PM12:00

Club Picnic

Annual club picnic - members are asked to bring their own sides. Beverages and brats are provided by the club!

Picnic begins around noon and goes until approximately 6pm. The club will provide brats and rolls, beer, pop, and water. Everyone else should bring your utensils, table cloth, side dishes, condiments, and anything else to make your picnic lunch complete. Lawn games are welcomed too! Stay tuned to your emails and newsletters for any additional information. We hope to see many of you there.

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German American Festival
to Jun 2

German American Festival

  • German Central Organization (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


Below you will find the SKIT and DANCING schedule only. While there may be some changes in the next week, we wanted all to have their eyes on it. We had this out at practice but hopefully it will be good to see here. If you have any schedule conflicts for skits you are assigned to or the dance times, we need to know ASAP! Likewise, any schedule changes also need to be made clear to Heidi Rock as well ( 

You'll see that Fliegerlieds are not filled in. We did this on purpose to allow Heidi to make her schedule and use people were needed. We will add in Fliegerlieds next week.

What to wear:

When in skits, if they do not have a costume, you may wear your own personal Lederhosen/Dirndl outfit. We ask that Dirndl be at least knee length and that stockings/tights and bloomers be worn at all times on stage. Hair must be up, but can be more fun and non-traditional for skits.

When dancing, which is only on Sunday, we will be wearing the Sommer Dirndl, and belt with blue tie. Children will be in the blue Dirndl w/ blue apron and blue ties. 



Please plan on arriving at the festival at least 30 minutes before your volunteer shift begins, check in at the left ticket booth and then check in with Heidi Rock. It is requested that you check twice - the first is with the festival and the second is with STV Bavaria.

All German American Festival volunteers and performers, regardless of German organization affiliation, are required to sign in at the large (north, left) ticket booth when they arrive. This is a request from the German Central.At that time,  you will be asked for a valid state ID (driver’s license) and will be given the appropriate wristband (based on legal drinking age). All festival attendees, volunteers, and performers are being asked to provide identification at the ticket booth.

Therefore, all STV Bavaria volunteers and performers are being asked to report to the large ticket booth upon arrival EACH day. This is your “check in” to the festival.

*Please note that checking in to the festival is not the same as checking in to your volunteer shift with STV Bavaria. Therefore, you are also being asked to check in with Heidi Rock upon arrival at Das Glockenspiel.

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Heinz Rock Funeral Mass
11:00 AM11:00

Heinz Rock Funeral Mass

Liebe Mitglieder,

 Anyone wishing to participate in the honoring of Heinz Rock should be dressed in Trauertracht and be at the church by 10:30 AM.  Please see the attached document for detailed guidelines.  If you are wearing proper Trauertracht you may process with the Club behind the flag.  Anyone not in proper Trauertracht will be seated independently.  The celebration of life is taking place at the funeral home and it is there where the choir will have an opportunity to sing.  


Heinz G. Rock, age 87, died on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, in his North Royalton home, surrounded by his family. He was born February 25, 1932 in Vinkovci, Croatia to Franz and Irma (Mueller) Rock. He is survived by his beloved wife of nearly 65 years, Marianne (Zieg) who he married after immigrating to the United States in 1951 from Germany. Together, they had five children, Ronald (Nannette), Erica (Kenneth) Murphy, Heidi, Lydia, and Heinz. He loved his seven granddaughters, Nicole (Remon) Kaldas, Kristen (Aaron) Osysko, Veronica (Jensen) Painter, Britney and Kendra Strouf, Leah and Katie Murphy. His great-grandchildren, Andrew and Alexander Kaldas and Riley Osysko, always made him smile.Heinz is survived by his twin brother, Erich J. Rock (Renate) and is preceded in death by his older brother, Reinhold Rock (Rosemarie). He was a cherished uncle and friend of many. True to his giving nature, Heinz donated his body to science.

Heinz is remembered as 
• Being one of a kind 
• A dreamer, inventor, and builder 
• A master cabinet maker, craftsman and woodworker 
• Someone who made the impossible, possible 
• A fixer of any broken contraption 
• A man who loved animals and nature 
• A good friend always willing to lend a hand 
• Founding member and competitive dancer of STV Bavaria 
• A great cook and marvelous baker 
• Mischief maker and practical jokester extraordinaire 
• Above all, a man who found countless ways to love his family

Memorial Mass on Wednesday, May 22, at 11:00 am at St. Charles Borromeo Church, 5891 Ridge Road, Parma, OH 44129. Celebration of life to follow. Memorial contributions may be made to the Hospice of the Western Reserve (30080 Hospice Way, Westlake, OH, 44145) or The Ohio Division of Natural Resources (2045 Morse Road, Building G-3, Columbus, OH, 43229).


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Isartaler Maifest
7:00 PM19:00

Isartaler Maifest

Teutonia Männerchor 857 Phineas St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212

Our Patenkind are hosting their annual Maifest. They regularly attend our events and we would like to support them.

STV Bavaria will cover entrance to the event. You will be responsible for your own food/drink. They have an affordable buffet prior to the event in the basement, (will need to double check the time).
Most people in the past drive there and home in the same night.

If we have enough people we might have an opportunity to do an Ehrentanz.


Women: Tanzgwand
Hard Mieder
Fest/Vereins Blouse (V-cut back)
Your choice of club or personal apron (silk is best if you have one)>>ask Christine about borrowing one
No hat/no flowers

Choice of green or red tie

**If any children are attending, please reach out to Christine about attire (

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Maifest 2019
7:00 PM19:00

Maifest 2019


Blue Sommer Dirndl
Blue & white apron
Sommer Dirndl blouse (sleeves with lace in the sleeve and ruffled collar)

Junior girls:
Blue Dirndl
Blue apron
White blouse

Blue tie

Junior boys:
Blue tie


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Judges Training
to May 5

Judges Training


Thank you for offering your time and home to host a judge or judges this weekend. Both STV Bavaria and Gauverband Nordamerika are very grateful. Judges will be at Lenau park at 6pm Friday, eating dinner at 6:30pm in the main hall. It might be good to come at this time to meet your judge(s) face to face.

Here are details of your duties for the weekend:

Travel: Judges will be picked up and taken to the airport by STV Bavaria volunteers, it is NOT your job as a host to do this.

Friday evening: The judges will be in meetings until around 9:30pm, (may end a little sooner or may last a little longer). When they are finished, they will head upstairs to enjoy Maifest, however when they are ready to head home for the day you will need to be ready to take them. They are aware that we are performing that evening so any dancers who are hosting will not be able to leave until after we are done performing, which should not be much later than 9:30.

Saturday morning: Judges will need to be dropped off for breakfast that runs from 8am-8:30am. You do not need to stay, simply drop them off, unless you are volunteering in another capacity. If you are not volunteering throughout the day you are not permitted to stay. This is due to the schedule and function of the day.

Saturday evening: Please return to Lenau Park at 7:30pm. At this time judges will hopefully be finishing up their day, but please be aware that things may run longer. We are also encouraging all STV members to come at this time to socialize with our judges in the main bar. Please feel welcomed to wear personal Bavarian G’Wand (outfit). The judges will have had a long day so please check in with them every now and then and make sure they feel comfortable letting you know when they want to head home for the night.

Sunday morning: Judges will need to be dropped off for breakfast that runs from 8:30am-9am, (this is different from Saturday). After that your duties are completed! You do not need to stay and do not need to worry about getting them to the airport.

Other: It is up to you if you want to have refreshments available at your home for your judge(s) but that is not required as they will eat all meals at Lenau Park.


Thank you for volunteering your time so that we can smoothly run this event for Gauverband Nordamerika. This event is fairly low maintenance on our end as hosts, but very important and sometimes stressful for the judges on a Gauverband level. Please present the judges and dance officers with the STV Bavaria class and friendliness that we are known for, but also be respectful of the training time. You are allowed to observe training, but please refrain from comments or questions.

Attire: Be comfortable but neat and presentable. You may wear anything from jeans to your own personal Bavarian outfit.

Throughout the weekend most questions you have will need to be directed to Kenny or Marianne. I will be present but participating in and running the training.



Thank you for offering your talents to judges training. Your contributions will be used for the judges to practice on and prepare for the upcoming Gaufest. You will be provided with lunch, dinner and beverages along with the other dancers and judges. There will be a section of the main hall designated for dancers to sit and watch training. Please refrain from commenting or asking questions as the judges discuss. Bring your thick skin! After each dance the judges will comment on what they saw, do not take anything personal. This is how they learn and it is a privilege to be able to listen in, especially so close to Gaufest.  Use it as a tool moving forward.

The following people are designated to do Einzel or play and need to arrive at 9:00am on Saturday (Those who are dancing/playing and housing someone are welcome to stay for breakfast vs going home in between):

Kyle + Emily, Lukas + Brittany, Brent + Elizabeth, Erich + Barbi, Rudi and Mike B.

The following are designated to do Gruppen and need to arrive at 11:00am on Saturday:

Team Jägermeister: Kyle + Emily, Brent + Brittany, Sam + Lauren, Lukas + Kelsey.

Team Obstler: Erich + Barbi, Brent + Elizabeth, Lukas + Emily, Darwin + Brittany

What to wear:

Ladies: Festtracht –V-back blouse. Fake carnations, no ferns. No medals. It is important to dress as if you are competing, meaning your hair should be up and jewelry should be worn just as if it were Gaufest. The judges will be training on this.

Men: Festtracht – Vest with Green silk tie. No medals.

**Those who are staying to socialize when training is done, feel welcomed to change into a more comfortable Bavarian outfit.

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