STV Inducts 2019 Officers

We can’t believe we’re already wrapping up the first month of 2019! As is every year, it’s shaping up to be a busy one. S.T.V. Bavaria is lucky enough to have some wonderful leaders that serve as our Vorstand for the 2019 calendar year:

Vorstand Kenny Ott

2. Vorstand Jakob Hamlescher

Treasurer Todd Kerslake

Corresponding Secretary Stefanie Huffman

Recording Secretary Heidi Rock

1. Chorleiterein Ursula Keck

2. Chorleiterein Hertha Hetzel

1. Vorplattler Kyle Ott

1. Vortänzerein Christine Ott

2. Vorplattler Brent Miller

2. Vortänzerein Jenny Burnett

Trustee Marianne Buechler

Trustee Paul Beargie

Trustee Jeremy Laning

Trustee Rainer Wiewel

Kelsey Ott