Isartaler Pittsburgh's Fahnenweihe

On November 16-18, our club travelled to Seven Springs Resort for GTEV D’Lustigen Isartaler’s Fahnenweihe. A Fahne (or flag) is the heart of a Verein and STV Bavaria is the Patenverein to GTEV D’Lustigen Isartaler. The weekend began with a Heimatabend full of gemütlichkeit. It’s always great to see our fellow Trachtlers come together throughout Gauvorband Nordamerika. The weekend continues on Saturday afternoon, at a beautiful Fahnenweihe Mass, at St. Vincent Archabbey. Our club had the honor of participating the blessing and supporting our new Patenkind. An evening banquet and festivities followed the mass.

We feel so lucky that we were able to share in GTEV D’Lustigan Isartaler’s joy today, and every day to come!! On their flag is a motto that reads: “Treu dem guten alten Brauch”, or “True to the customs”. To all of D’ Lustigan Isartaler members: we are so truly honored to be your Patenverein, and we congratulate you on a beautiful weekend!

Kelsey Ott